National Home Care & Hospice Month 2020

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National Home Care & Hospice Month 2020

Keeping Texans Safe at Home

Every November, we celebrate National Home Care & Hospice Month to recognize our dedicated professionals who provide these vital services. Home care and hospice professionals help individuals who are elderly, disabled, and chronically ill live every day to its fullest. Especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important for their commitment and skill to be commended.

“Home health care and hospice contributes to billions of dollars in taxpayer savings by preventing or reducing the use of more expensive institutional care options,” said Rachel Hammon, executive director of the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice (TAHC&H). “Treating individuals at home – whether someone who needs care after leaving the hospital, or a senior or individuals with disabilities that requires ongoing attendant services at home – these services decrease rehospitalizations and the use of expensive institutional settings.”

While many Texans suffering from injuries or illness receive treatment at hospitals or other medical facilities, the home is quickly becoming the preferred setting for care. Home care and hospice organizations meet this need by providing personalized and professional assistance. Providing these services in the comfort of a home setting is a simple yet powerful key feature, and ultimately helps patients achieve a better quality of life.

At En Su Casa Caregivers, we provide both non-medical Personal Attendant Services (PAS) and Private Care Plans to help our clients maintain independence and integrity in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Personal Attendance Services are perfect for helping individuals with fundamental daily activities of living, whether it be during recovery from surgery or long-term care for chronically ill or aging clients. PAS services are also fully covered through Medicaid for clients who are eligible. Services include home management, assistance with personal hygiene, transportation, medication reminders, meal preps and more.

Our Private Care Plans are highly customizable and cover an even broader array of services to ensure the unique needs of each client are met. All aspects of care for the home, mind, body and spirit are fully managed, so that individuals can enjoy complete independence without any sacrifice to safety or comfort.

We encourage everyone to learn more about home care and hospice options and the invaluable contributions of all Texas health care providers. Contact us today to learn more!