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2023 Team Awards

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2023 Team Awards

Every year, we are proud to recognize the amazing accomplishments of our En Su Casa administrative team members – and 2023 was no different! Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their excellent service, long tenure and dedication to our core values of integrity, trust and compassion. They help us provide a standard of excellence for in-home care that makes us one of the best caregiving agencies in South Texas!

Staff Awards


  • This year there were two employees who tied for Rookie of the Year
  • Both were hired in 2023
  • Have made a big difference in a short amount of time
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic
  • Aligned to core values right away
  • Received glowing feedback from coworkers on peer review



  • “She communicates very well with her peers, clients, and attendants”
  • “She is sweet, kind, and passionate about her work”
  • “Great communicator, fast learner, and so patient!”
  • “Belinda is a hard worker and is always in the zone”
  • “She’s approachable and always knows when to ask questions”



  • “Amanda is such a blessing to the En Su Casa team!”
  • “She has great communication skills”
  • “She is very thorough and has a lot of knowledge about various areas of work”
  • “She does a great job and brings lots of positivity to the workplace”



  • An employee who embodies our core values of Integrity, Trust, and Compassion in all that they do
  • Demonstrates a passion for helping and caring for others
  • Connects with the company vision and treats clients, caregivers, and coworkers with respect



  • “Connie is great to work with! She’s always in a good mood. She communicates well and is a great team player”
  • “Connie is pleasant and always wonderful to communicate with. Always eager to help and so friendly!”
  • “Kind and empathetic”
  • “Connie always wants to help and keep up with any changes we make”
  • “She’s personable and friendly with providers, clients, and staff – always keeps a positive attitude!



  • An employee who demonstrates an unwavering positive attitude and uplifts the team
  • Always willing to support or lending a helping hand to others
  • Demonstrates exceptional job knowledge when coordinating services with clients or working with caregivers/coworkers



  • “Elaine is always ready to answer any questions and is great to work with”
  • “She’s always willing to train others even though she’s busy. Positive vibes and a team player. Just an all around great person to be around.”
  • “She’s so helpful, she answers any questions anyone has and her door is always open”
  • “Strong communicator, positive attitude, and hard worker”
  • “Elaine is so experienced – she can make anyone feel comfortable and is a helpful team player”



  • An employee who consistently demonstrates strong work ethic, takes initiative, and shows extensive job knowledge
  • Resourceful, hardworking, and a team player
  • Shows strong accountability for their work and puts their best foot forward when faced with a challenge



  • “Gaby has great communication skills and is very easy to get along with. She has a lot of knowledge she is willing to share”
  • “Very reliable and resourceful. Gaby is efficient and observant”
  • “Patient and positive”
  • “She’s multitalented and knowledgeable! Always professional in her communication. Her calmness is contagious”



  • An employee who has demonstrated reliability and adaptability in the face of changes and challenges
  • Shows initiative and dependability when the team needs assistance
  • Has prioritized increasing their job knowledge and experience to better understand the overall picture



  • “Working with Alex has always been great. She’s very easy to get along with and very helpful”
  • “She’s helpful and a team player!”
  • “Alex is very knowledgeable and she communicates well with everyone”
  • “She has great people skills!”
  • “She’s very knowledgeable about what she does!”



  • Has stepped up to take on new tasks in 2023
  • Demonstrates reliability, accountability, and a strong work ethic
  • Willing to step in anywhere they are needed and help anyone on the team
  • Shows a commitment to putting their best foot forward with clients, caregivers, and coworkers alike
  • Demonstrates Integrity, Trust, and Compassion



  • “Maria always makes me feel like I have her support and makes work fun”
  • “She goes above and beyond and does it when no one is watching”
  • “A great communicator. She’s a hard worker and it shows”
  • “She truly has pride in her work and wants to ensure clients are taken care of”
  • “She has great integrity and passion for helping others”
  • “She pays attention to the little things that most people tend to look over”


Anniversary Awards

Branch Awards


  • Goes to the branch with the best caregiver retention rate in 2023
  • Highest caregiver retention at 65%
  • Excellent job of making our caregivers feel recognized, appreciated, and committed to working for En Su Casa



  • Goes to the branch with the highest client satisfaction as reported in 2023
  • 98% client satisfaction score
  • Based on feedback from 363 clients
  • Excellent job of providing quality care and ensuring our clients feel at home with En Su Casa



  • Goes to the branch with the most increase in service hours in 2023
  • Increased 7.4% in service hours from 2022
  • Their hard work has paved the path towards growth and has helped to provide more care to clients in need