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Caregiver Tips & Resources for COVID-19


Caregiver Tips & Resources for COVID-19

ATTENTION CAREGIVERS: If you’re wondering how to safely care for a client who is sick or has symptoms of COVID-19, review these tips we’ve collected from local city municipalities and health authorities (see graphic/image below).


For COVID-19 testing centers and health resources specific to your local areas, please visit the following website pages:

City of San Antonio Official COVID-19 Webpage

The City of Eagle Pass Official COVID-19 Webpage

Uvalde Memorial Hospital COVID-19 Resources & Visitor Guidelines

En Su Casa Caregivers will continue to remain diligent in our role to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the communities we serve. You can always expect the highest quality of care from our team, especially during challenging times when it’s the most needed. 

what to do when someone in your home has covid-19