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Celebrating Our Quinceañera

celebrating quinceanera

Celebrating Our Quinceañera

2017 was a special one for our En Su Casa family. We were recognized as a top woman-owned and minority-owned business by the San Antonio Business Journal, had a member from our leadership team get elected as Vice Chair of the TAHCH Private Duty Committee, participated in various community events, and much, much more. But most importantly, we had the honor of celebrating our quinceañera!

Accomplishing our 15th year in business was a huge milestone for us and we are so proud of how far we have come. So we wanted to share a few key things that we feel have really helped us grow and improve our services in the past year:

Integrity. Trust. Compassion. We practice these values in everything we do at En Su Casa and 2017 was certainly no exception. These core values make up the foundation of how we perform our services, hire our team members and evaluate our performance – and we believe this is what truly sets us apart from other homecare providers. So celebrating En Su Casa’s quinceañera this past year has been an equal celebration of strengthening these core values for the past 15 years as well.

We’ve stayed tapped in. We’ve continued to ensure that we’re involved with committees and conferences related to the home health care industry, and we also stay up to date with bills and legislation that affect our services. Plus, having our Chief Compliance Officer, Whitnee Ramos, recently get elected as Vice Chair of the TAHCH Private Duty Committee will keep us more connected than ever!

We’ve built a strong, 15-year relationship with our community. Understanding the community we serve plays a big part in how we position our services. We’ve not just started our business in San Antonio, but this is our hometown – we grew up here as a family, too. So we wanted to celebrate our quinceañera by giving back and being more involved than ever. This was no easy feat, as it involved booking our team for various home health care events and fundraisers on a weekly basis. But our Community Outreach Coordinators really stepped up to the challenge and rocked it all year long!

We’ve kept our minds and hearts open. The past 15 years have shown us how important this is to our growth. This is an ever-changing industry in an equally flux world, and staying flexible has not only helped us keep up – it’s put us ahead. We’ve continued to build a team of diverse voices that we’re mindful to take into account, and we also ensure that we’re doing our part to connect with the voices of our clients, too. This has helped us mold and improve our services over time, leading to our recognition from the San Antonio Business Journal as one of the top woman-owned and minority-owned businesses of 2017.

Of course, this is only a surface glance at the practices that have propelled us forward this past year. We are learning and improving every day, so that we can pave the way for many more milestones and accomplishments down the road. We can’t thank our team enough for their care and dedication, and also the families who choose to entrust us with their households and loved ones. Caregiving means the world to us and we are so fortunate to call this our career. Thank you to all of friends, family and team members for making our quinceañera truly amazing!