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2022 Staff Awards & Milestones

2022 Staff Awards & Milestones

Every year, we are proud to recognize the amazing accomplishments of our En Su Casa team members – and 2022 was no different! Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their excellent service, long tenure and dedication to our core values of integrity, trust and compassion.

Staff Awards

  • An employee who was hired in 2022
  • Has made a big difference in a short amount of time
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and has a strong work ethic
  • Aligned to core values right away
  • Received glowing feedback from coworkers on peer review


  • An employee who embodies our core values of Integrity, Trust, and Compassion in all that they do
  • Demonstrates a passion for helping and caring for others
  • Connects with the company vision and treats clients, caregivers, and coworkers with respect


  • An employee who has taken on a big new role with a positive attitude and enthusiasm
  • Confronts challenges head on and shows accountability in their position
  • Shows a commitment to growth and development
  • Brings optimism to learning new skills or processes


  • An employee who is steadfast and dedicated in the face of challenges
  • Has demonstrated loyalty and a team-oriented mindset while overcoming obstacles
  • Has shown confidence and perseverance
  • Dedicated to growth and committed to their position


  • A team player who steps in to provide support whenever necessary
  • Committed to learning new tasks, taking initiative, and figuring out the best way to help all branches
  • Demonstrates positive communication, professionalism, and a team-oriented mindset


  • Has stepped up to a new role with enthusiasm and initiative in 2022
  • Brought in new clients and caregivers through their dedicated work ethic
  • Demonstrates dependability, commitment, and is willing and ready to learn


  • A Supervisor who has set the example for leadership and professionalism in 2022
  • Does an excellent job of embodying En Su Casa’s core values and standing behind our vision
  • Unifies their team and goes above and beyond to support others
  • Shows up with a positive attitude, patience and willingness to help each day


Anniversary Awards


Branch Awards

  • Goes to the branch with the best caregiver retention rate in 2022
  • Highest caregiver retention at 79%
  • Excellent job of making our caregivers feel recognized, appreciated, and committed to working for En Su Casa


  • Goes to the branch with the highest client satisfaction as reported in 2022
  • 99% client satisfaction score
  • Based on feedback from 391 clients
  • Excellent job of making our caregivers feel recognized, appreciated, and committed to working for En Su Casa