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2020 Staff Awards

2020 Staff Awards

Rookie of the Year Award – Rosemary Alaquinez

  • About Rosemary & This Award:
    • A teammember hired in 2020 who has shown dedication, engagement, and a commitment to growth
    • Demonstrates a positive attitude and understanding of job knowledge
    • Shows the potential to develop within the company
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Rosemary is respectful and hardworking.”
    • “Glad she joined our team!”
    • “Rosemary came in with a willingness to learn and has demonstrated a lot of great skills right off the bat.”
    • “She’s doing a great job!”


Integrity, Trust & Compassion Award – Gloria Ahumada

  • About Gloria & This Award:
    • A team member who has embodied our core values with our clients, staff, and caregivers
    • Puts their heart into our company cause
    • Demonstrates a passion for caring for others
    • Helps set the example of what integrity, trust, and compassion mean
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Gloria’s compassion and sincerity are evident with both clients and caregivers alike.”
    • “A hardworking, compassionate team player.”
    • “A sincere, caring, and positive person.”
    • “A great person to have on your team!”


Ace of Initiative Award – Leticia Campos

  • About Leticia & This Award:
    • A team member who embraces taking on new roles and responsibilities
    • Faces challenges head on and with a positive attitude
    • Has shown significant growth in job knowledge across the company and demonstrates a willingness to learn
    • Demonstrated excellent leadership in 2020
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Very knowledgeable on different aspects of the agency, so I go to her with my questions.”
    • “She’s the Queen of COVID-19!”
    • “Letty is full of positivity and always knows what to say to brighten my day.”
    • “Dependable!”
    • “A respectful, helpful, and positive person who puts her all in what she does.”


The Above & Beyond Award – Vanessa Chagoy

  • About Vanessa & This Award:
    • A team member whose job knowledge and initiative helped us through a difficult year
    • Went above the call of duty and took on more responsibilities to help us all navigate the hardships
    • A team-oriented leader who takes accountability for the successes of the company as a whole
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Vanessa is always prepared to be hands on, help anyone in need, and willing to personally offer her time.”
    • “Organized, great leader, and problem solver.”
    • “Does Vanessa have five brains?”
    • “Organized, outgoing, hardworking!”
    • “A branch of knowledge within the industry.”
    • “Very resourceful, supportive and approachable. Always stresses communication.”


5-Year Anniversary Recognition – Lupita Gonzalez

  • About Lupita:
    • Diligent, hardworking, with outstanding attention to detail
    • Demonstrates great rapport with coworkers, clients, and caregivers alike
    • A resourceful and dependable asset to our Eagle Pass team
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Lupita is so friendly, professional, and cooperative.”
    • “She’s always open to suggestions and is so helpful.”
    • Lupita is very dedicated to her job and takes great pride in doing things right.”
    • “Such a sweet soul and very helpful when I have questions.”
    • “She knows what she’s doing!”


5-Year Anniversary Recognition – Rey Aguirre

  • About Rey:
    • Rey demonstrates a highly skilled level of customer service
    • A social butterfly who knows how to make our clients feel cared for and at ease
    • A positive and friendly attitude and an all-around joy to work with
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “A great team player with great customer service skills.”
    • “He is always willing to help.”
    • “What can I say about Rey? He is funny, very talkative and I love the feedback from my clients. He knows how to make them feel special.”
    • “Awesome attitude and always willing to help whenever he’s needed. A team player.”
    • “Manages to be both sociable and attentive to work.”
    • “He’s the life of the party.”


5-Year Anniversary Recognition – Gabriela Contreras-Martinez

  • About Gaby:
    • Gaby is an essential member of our Finance Team who demonstrates unwavering professionalism
    • Takes responsibility for increasing her job knowledge and is meticulous in her work
    • A team member who makes others feel comfortable, respected, and at ease
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “I love that Gaby is always there to help me whether it has to do with her specific position or to direct me to the right place.”
    • “Extremely professional and helpful.”
    • “Gaby is very patient with my 101 questions! She has taught me a lot.”
    • “She’s goal-oriented and organized.”
    • “Great communication skills!”
    • “An Authorization guru.”


5-Year Anniversary Recognition – Amalia Perez

  • About Molly:
    • Molly is a gifted people-person who shows dedication and diligence in all aspects of her work
    • Demonstrates respectful and positive working relationships with our caregivers
    • Acutely hardworking and knowledgeable in her field
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Molly is dedicated to her work and always ensures protocols are followed.”
    • “Reliable, diligent, and hardworking.”
    • “Good humor, great team player. One day Molly made a happy face prop and when we had a stressful day, she would raise the prop up to her face and we laughed!”
    • “One of her strongest attributes is the rapport she has with attendants. She always makes them feel appreciated and manages to convince them to take an assignment.”
    • “She’s just an all-around hard worker.”


5-Year Anniversary Recognition – Jesse Perez

  • About Jesse:
    • Jesse is a strong asset to our coordinator team who works diligently to help our clients
    • His easygoing personality makes him approachable and easy to work with
    • A team player who provides patience and understanding in a rapidly changing industry
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Jesse is very helpful. He was very patient with me when I was training and has been a great coworker to talk to.”
    • “Such professional and positive vibes!”
    • “He knows his clients very well. He’s calm and approachable.”
    • “Jesse is easy to work with and works hard to help our clients.”


5-Year Anniversary Recognition – Elaine Gonzalez

  • About Elaine:
    • Elaine is a hardworking and dedicated coordinator who brightens the workday of the entire office
    • Her positive attitude and professionalism are beloved by her clients, coworkers, and caregivers alike
    • Her discipline and focus are reflected in her robust job knowledge and work ethic
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “Elaine is ALWAYS in a good mood, willing to help, and knowledgeable in her field.”
    • “I absolutely love her. Since my first day here at ESC, she has always made me feel welcome.”
    • “She may call everyone else Sunshine, but we all know she’s the real one.”
    • “Elaine has a great attitude and is always readily available to help others understand the whys of what they are doing. Clients and attendants are happy that she is always available when they call.”


5-Year Anniversary Recognition – Whitnee Ramos

  • About Whitnee:
    • Whitnee is a logistical and compliance genius whose excellence in the industry has made En Su Casa an industry standard
    • Whitnee’s dedication and attention to detail elevates every project she works on
    • Whitnee is a friendly and approachable people-person
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “She’s a problem solver. She’s always willing to look at all aspects of a problem to find a solution.”
    • “She’s like me – very detail oriented!”
    • “To me, it’s such an honor and pleasure to know Whitnee and to be able to work with her. She’s always respectful to others. Diligent in her work and pays attention to detail in anything she spearheads.”
    • “Her uncanny ability to develop relationships and view situations objectively assists her in being able to successfully train and lead her team.”
    • “She has a strength for being able to present challenges to others in a way that’s clear and easy to comprehend.”


15-Year Anniversary Recognition – San Juanita Gutierrez

  • About San Juanita:
    • San Juanita is our longest tenured employee
    • With over 15 years of dedication, loyalty, and commitment to En Su Casa, she is beloved by coworkers, clients, and caregivers for her warmth, thoughtfulness, and positive attitude
    • She has been a stable and consistent, key employee through ups and downs of the industry and changes in operations
    • She takes great pride in helping care for our clients and does it all with a compassionate, caring demeanor
    • Our workplace is made better by her welcoming and easygoing presence
    • She embodies our core values of integrity, trust, and compassion every day
    • She is an extremely hardworking team player with a heart of absolute gold
  • Co-Workers Say:
    • “What can I say about San Juanita that doesn’t already speak for itself? In the two and a half years I’ve been with ESC, I’ve never felt more welcomed by anybody else. She is a sweet and loving person, ready to help anyone who crosses her path including me.”
    • “San Juanita always has a smile that you can hear over the phone and see in person.”
    • “I love that she will call me on my birthday and anniversary just to wish me many more.”
    • “Such a kind, sweet, compassionate individual.”
    • “Most caring person and just an all around sweetheart”
    • “She puts her best into everything she does!”
    • “Her thoughtfulness is just first nature. She goes out of her way to make everyone she interacts with feel special, appreciated, cared for, and loved.”


Client Growth Award – Private Care Branch

About This Award & Branch:

  • Demonstrated the most percentage growth in 2020
  • Increased by 187% units billed from 2019
  • First to receive the annual client growth award!
  • This branch’s hard work has helped us to open our doors to more clients in need


Client Satisfaction Award – Military Branch

About This Award & Branch:

  • Demonstrated the highest client satisfaction in 2020
  • Client satisfaction was recorded at 85%
  • The first to receive our annual Client Satisfaction award!
  • Their customer service ensures our clients feel cared for, respected, and appreciated